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Miniature Wall Pictures and Room Boxes with miniature scenes

Reutter Miniaturen GmbH in Germany is producing a charming collection of Wall Pictures and Dioramas. Discover the huge variety of different scenes, which we design like small shop windows or rooms.

We create those all in scale 1:12 and take special care even on the smallest details. They make great exhibition pieces for your home, showing different worlds and times.

Room Boxes and Wall Pictures to fall in love with!

Our miniature creations are a perfect gift for everybody. There are scenes of a county store, a Porcelain store, a watch shop or bathrooms, just something which will fit for anybody. We are sure you will find your favorite room boxes and become a collector yourself and inspire others.

The combination of up to 8 different materials makes our room boxes very outstanding and special. We use:

  • Porcelain
  • Wood
  • Artificial flowers
  • Glass
  • Brass
  • Other metals
  • Replicas in polyresin
  • Textiles
  • Many more

Miniature Dreams with Illumination

For our miniature shops of series 794 and 797 we have a real highlight. Hidden lights draw your whole attention to the detailed miniatures which sparkle and shine in the warm light.

This is how the loving details come into their own. The warm light creates a cozy atmosphere. This makes Reutter's illuminated miniature shops a real eye-catcher.

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