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2000 to 2010

For more than 70 years Reutter has been successful in the national and international markets now. They ship their products today to more than twenty-seven countries around the world.

With efficient production, a high quality standard and with constant new development of products, Reutter became well-known. New items, designs and shapes are developed every year to please their collectors and friends who appreciate the detailed and fine work.

All product groups are expanded, changed and adapted to trends almost every year. For example, there is a miniature version of a Japanese tea time, a decorated beer bench or the pizza baker "Antonio".

For more than 60 years, the company has presented its collection at various domestic and foreign trade fairs, such as the Nuremberg toy fair, the Ambiente Frankfurt, as well as at numerous foreign trade fairs. In impressive displays, our products delighted dealers and collectors all over the world.

Today you can follow the history of the Zimmermann/Reutter family, which has been documented since the beginning of the 18th century, in the local history museum in Denkendorf. In addition to handicraft and farming collections, the first Reutter porcelain toys and several historical products are on display.

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