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1990 - 2000

The growing export market of the company made it necessary to change and develop products for the different markets. The miniatures, which originally were in a scale of 1:9 and 1:10 needed to be scaled down for the American and English market to a size of 1:12. Step by step the whole collection was changed into this size.

Today Reutter Miniaturen produces nearly all of it’s miniatures in this size. As demand and interest for miniatures increased, more and more wooden furniture was developed to display the miniatures. In 1991 Reutter acquired the rights to convert the famous original drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel to be used on porcelain items. These designs have been known worldwide as the Hummel Figurines produced by Goebel Germany.

Following this success, other famous designs were added to the line such as Beatrix Potter with the Peter Rabbit designs, Paddington Bear, Flower Fairies and others.

In 1993 Willy Reutter passed away very unexpectedly and Martl followed in 1997. Both were active until their passing and contributed with their advice to the development of the company.

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