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Miniatures and Dollhouse furniture from the expert

The success story of Reutter GmbH began more than 70 years ago with the small miniatures. Large porcelain gifts, souvenirs and children's sets made of porcelain have been added to the range over the decades. However, we have specialized in porcelain miniatures and many other miniature items for collectors and miniaturists. Since 2022 we fully concentrate on our miniatures.

In the field of miniatures, we also produce exclusive and unique dollhouse furniture. From complete bathroom furnishings with a bathtub, high flush toilet and gold-painted pedestal sink to a serving cart with a miniature tea set on it, we have just about everything in miniature format.

Miniatures for collectors and miniature enthusiasts

Regarding our miniatures and miniature furniture, we would like to point out that our items are collector's items and are usually only suitable for children to a limited extent. Even if they do very well in the dollhouse, you should always keep an eye on the little treasures.

We manufacture Porcelain Miniatures such as sets for coffee, tea or dinner as dollhouse miniatures on a scale of 1:12.

They are made of fine porcelain, are hand-painted and have a choice of decor. In addition, we produce miniature compositions from over 7 different materials. The areas range from “food and drink” to “bathroom accessories”, “music” and “sewing” to “Christmas”.

A paradise for collectors

The extraordinary challenge of porcelain miniatures is their size. Such small and delicate creations are particularly demanding in the production. With this fine work and the production of various objects in miniature format, we delight collectors of miniatures around the world.

Real collectors assemble entire mini worlds with miniatures from Reutter. This is how the dollhouse furniture transforms from a child's toy to a valuable and beautiful collector's item for adults. Take a look around our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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